Sunday, November 14, 2010


Who cares what day it is. I'm annoyed now. Ever since this month started, I've been getting no sleep, and my internal systems are all outta whack. I'm tired, and I'm pissed off. And I don't know what about, either. Were Khan here, I'm sure there would be a joke about teen angst lined up and ready to go. Well whoopee, I guess I should start getting my wrist knife ready.

And I just found out recently that only people with Google accounts can comment. I think it's safe to say that most people have Hotmail accounts. Gee, thanks, Google, for making our blog that much more user friendly.

At any given rate, I can't wait till December first, cause this beard will be GONE.

Kobe(s) out.

P.S. If anyone knows where I can get a 2x12 guitar amp for cheap, I'd really appreciate. Who knows, maybe that endeavor will go right.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

No Shave November-->Day 7

I'm ticked off. Majorly. I'm tired of this scruff that's growing around my face. I want my baby face back. And on top of that, I had to work today. That's not so bad, it's the fact that I didn't do homework before that. Grrrr.

This no shave thing is going to hamper the way I flirt. Maybe I should wear a balaclava to school. Now that would be an experience to tell the kids.

Me: "Well, Lil Tommy and Janey, wanna hear the story of how Daddy went to prison because people thought he was a terrorist?"

Yeah, that would really go well with the wife/kids/inlaws.

But at any rate, I'm glad. School's going good, life is going good, and I don't even have to be super deep or smoke a bong! (Just kidding. I don't smoke. Or drink. Or do drugs. But you knew that, right?)

However, when this month is over, I better have that soul patch I've been wanting since the age of 8... otherwise, I'm gonna murder my pituitary gland.

Kobe(s) out!

Monday, November 1, 2010

No Shave November-->Day 1

Day 1; It was weird having a smooth face again. I mean, I shave, and I keep it down, but last night, I decided to shave it ALL off (beard hair people, beard hair!), then I went to sleep without a second thought. When I woke up in the morning, my first thought was that I looked like I was in grade 7 again. It feels totally different; usually I've got a wee bit of hair so I look "older", but not scruffy.

I found out that a couple of guys at school are doing it too, and heck, some of the girls might be doing it too..though that's probably best left alone. But don't just take my word for it, gents, pass the information on! Here's the official facebook group (!/event.php?eid=123811471007538), so go 'head and spread the word!

May your beards grow full,


Sunday, October 31, 2010

30 Days of Hair

Hey guys, it's Kobe(s). I'm sure that you've all heard about "No-shave November". I'll pretend that I can't hear the people who haven't heard it complaining. But anyway, I'm going to be doing it, so here's what's going to happen. All through the month of November, I'm going to blog about it. Each day, I'll try to have a post up about "my beard" (which I'm shaving off in like, 5 minutes). But I think that the perspective will be fun, and who knows? Maybe this will be the "Supersize Me" of online blogs.

Kobe(s) out!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Golden Chime

Khan here, just going to drop a little poem I wrote a week or two ago. Sorry about lack of posting and such, things happend on my end and Kobes' but we are hopefully back in the thick of things.

I once chanced upon a golden, honey-suckle chime,
A clear glassed and pure but teal hymn
Never is it wise to adore such a rhyme,
Neon stars shimmering line by line.

Once upon an alkaline time,
I skated across a sea to find a pearled poem to be mine.
I met the lyrical siren under steel trees and thinking it a sign.
But it wasn’t and so we fell in love, and it was all fine.

Her eyes were love ballads, her lips were wine.
Her words all of the most eloquent scrolls, for me to dine.
Her smile a glorious symphony, her laugh music with shine.
Chapter by chapter we made due with our ocean, until it became brine.

The day came when our acorn had became a mighty pine,
Not one needle of metal, he gave us grand children of nine.

The song and the scribble gave them everything, of love there was no decline.

When all had been written and sung, we walked hand in hand to light divine.

I once chanced upon a golden, honey-suckle chime,
A clear glassed and pure but teal hymn
Never is it wise to adore such a rhyme,
Neon stars shimmering line by line

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kobe(s) AGAIN!

Kobe(s) here. Khan and I will return to posting in about a week to two weeks time. So be patient, and we promise you that when we return, we’ll have a brand new perspective on things. ADIOS AMIGOS!

Monday, May 3, 2010

You gotta love censorship...on the INTERNET!

Kobe(s) here...So what's the deal with censorship? It seems like now, it's just natural for people to censor things. Anyone from a kid who know's how to use a computer, to huge countries like China that censor, well, lots of stuff; heck, I'm pretty sure that in that country, things are censored that probably don't need censoring.

But what about schools? I know that in some schools, the things that are censored are censored for good reason. Then in other schools, things are censored that tend to annoy the students. For example, I remember going to school once and finding out that Uncyclopedia (which, to an eight grade student, is the funniest thing since Kanye on Taylor) was blocked, I was ticked! Of course, that's nothing to the reactions schools get when they block the funnest time waster on the Internet... _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Yep, it's facebook. Of course, even funnier than the fact that facebook is blocked is the fact that people are actually trying to unblock it at school.

So I googled "schools block facebook" and the first post I got was pretty interesting. It was a kid on Yahoo Answers trying to figure out how to unblock facebook. I didn't find the question funny as so much the answer "I can't help you as far as the facebook block at school. You're at school to learn anyway. Not to do your myspacing, facebooking, etc., And who knows. You might actually learn how to defeat their blocks at school."

So maybe that's the key to surviving then. I wish this was the stuff school taught us; instead of learning acids and bases and molecular bonds...I wish we could learn how to hack past censored sites...who knows? Maybe someday I'll work for the NSA, hacking into sites and stuff :D

Kobe(s) out.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Kobes here. Khan doesn't know I'm here, and I thought I post up a little update of where we've been in the last couple of days...or should I say months? We've been snooping around on what's shaping up to be a pretty big story. Let's just say it involves suicides. Over the internet? Interested? Stay tuned!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

2012 and Juliet

Hey guys, Kobe(s) here. We took the liberty to bring you something different from a good friend of Khan and I. We'd like to introduce Juliet.

If you read the previous posts, you are probably expecting something deep and brainy. This post is a little different though. Philosophy is not my thing, I find it too complicated. Logic, on the other hand, has always appealed to me with it’s short and clear answers. A logical explanation is usually blunt and to the point, and does not go into unnecessary details. It presents an an intelligible answer and saves you lots of time by excluding 30 letter words that would make you feel stupid. Having said this, I’m going to logically examine one little phenomenon that has been on everyone’s mind for at least 3 years now.

The world is NOT going to end in 2012. That’s right, I said it. If your only argument against this statement was the new “2012” movie, get one thing clear - the movie’s purpose was to entertain, not prophesy. If however, you had something else in mind, keep reading.
Some people believe that the end of the world is somehow related to the Mayan calendar (obviously a calendar used by the Maya civilization in America) The Mayans were really smart people, they specialized in astronomy, knew that a year was 365 days long and even suspected of the existence of a black hole. So why the Mayan calendar? Why not Orthodox or Chinese? Well, the Calendar has been known to accurately predict a number of events. To begin with, it predicted the fall of their kingdom and the coming of
Cortés who they thought was a god. It also predicted many astronomical events (like solar eclipse in 1999) down to a second. Interestingly enough, the Mayan Calendar ends on December 21, 2012. Some people see it as a supernatural sign, and others directly connect the end of the calendar to the end of the world. First of all, no one knows if the calendar really ended. Some part of it might have been destroyed or lost. Secondly, some scientists have been working out the connection between astrology and the calendar, and some calculations did not match. This means that the Mayans either made a mistake in their predictions, or the calendar does not actually end ( I am not an expert in this topic, but my common sense tells me that the end of the calendar can simply mean that Mayans were just too lazy to continue or were simply distracted by Cortés who showed up and destroyed their civilization.

If you are Christian, you know that the Bible says that no one, except God, knows when the end will come. If you are Muslim, you also know that certain events must happen first, and no one knows the exact time either. If you are atheist, think back to all the times when people have predicted the end of the world. Research on the fuss they made about the coming of 2000 if you need a good example. If you simply saw the “2012 thing” as something exciting to look forward to, don’t worry. The world will end sooner or later. Only I think that people cannot predict the exact time or, as a matter of fact, even the cause. I mean, they haven’t even figured out a working cure for Alzheimer’s or cancer yet. So don’t take everything they say on the news seriously.

If however, you are not satisfied with this shallow explanation, and are complaining about the lack of information, think back to what I said about logic. “It’s blunt and to the point, and it does not go into unnecessary details”.


Monday, February 1, 2010

A much better version

Khan here,

this is an infintely greater version of my story. As this is a personal favourite, I would very much prefer some critique.

Blaming other people has always been easy for me. As a young boy, I blamed different things on different people. It was a rainbow of lies in a colourless world. However, it was my world, I loved it so. It was nice to live in my quiet bubble, not cause anyone trouble. I blamed the larger things in life on larger people. Maybe I thought that would make my problems seem less small. Maybe I thought it would make the truth seem more grand. Maybe it was none of those things, just the fancy of a child.

For my failures in moral decisions, I liked to blame the Devil. How large did that seem, I wonder? I said that the Devil picked on my weaknesses and tricked me. My father didn't agree, he told me most people think that. The Devil doesn't pick on our weaknesses, but our strengths. My father pointed out how people vigourlessly guard their weaknesses, but no one paid any attention to their strengths. There was a man, I remember from the books, named Hitler. All I knew was that he was a bad man who committed many foul deeds. Later, I realised his strength had been used against him. You see, he had a knack for storytelling. I remember another name, it was Stalin. The man could preform wonderful magic tricks. His strength was exploited as well.

There was this bridge built over a small stream, I remembered it from my youth. I could never tell how long or how short it was, but I liked sitting on it and staring at my reflection. I wondered at what would I see, looking back at me. For years I sat on that bridge, sometimes moving. At times bridge seemed to go on forever, sometimes it seemed it was about to end. Regardless, I didn't want to leave it. The bridge gave off this feeling; It was hard to describe, you felt a sort of sadness that made you happy. The bridge gave off this smell, it smelled vintage but fresh. It was a kind of a cold smell, the one you get on a rainy day. It smelled like nostalgia. So I sat on that bridge, sniffing nostalgia, my vision going blue.

One day, though, the reflection changed; I had company. The Devil sat beside me, not saying anything. I wasn't suprised, everything I blamed came back to me eventually. However, I was curious about one thing. "So, what is it you exactly do?" He seemed taken back, genuinely suprised. "Why, I don't do a thing." He rummaged in his pocket and took out a jar of honey. He dipped his finger in the jar and took out a single drop. For some reason, I couldn't keep my eyes off that drop. It gave off a yellow, sickly sweet, dayglo smell. It was like a narotic for my vision; I knew it was disgusting, but I couldn't stop looking. The Devil slathered the drop of honey on a dead tree. The silence was broken by a bee approaching the tree. I gave a sad smile, there was no hope for the energetic bee. I didn't notice before, but there was a lizard there the whole time. Sitting on the base of the tree, it's cold eyes boring into the yellow. There was a surreal standstill between the two creatures, yellow and green surrounded by blue. It was like watching a movie, more specifically, a psychedelic noir. The lizard ate the bee, but it's tongue was stuck to the honey. To my suprise, the lizard started to struggle; I thought the honey would taste good. Wrenching it's tongue away from the tree, it darted towards me.

The lizard came at the foot of man, I stomped on it. I kicked it into the stream, and the stream became colourful. I didn't understand why I killed the thing, but I felt like I had to do it. The Devil looked at me and said,

"Now look sir, what did I do?"

There was a pause. There was a long, long pause. I had answered him wisely. Then, I crossed that bridge.

"O thou, who didst with pifall and with gin
Beset the road I was to wander in,
Thou wilt not predestin'd evil round
Enmesh, and then impute my fall to sin." - Omar Khayyam

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The world is an illusion

Yeah, I said it. No, I'm not talking about The Matrix. Think about it this way, everyone in the world sees our world in a fundamentally different way. No matter how devoid of individualism, how full of conformism, you can't see the world like anyone else. No matter what the similarities, no two people see our world exactly the same. So, everyone sees the world differently. That means no one really sees the world as it really is. Not even the most shrewd, intelligent, and unemotional mind could see the world as it really is; human behaviour would dictate the mind to analyze the world around it. No one sees the world as it really is, unfettered by their beliefs, opinions, emotions, etc.

Also, my pal Kobes has a thing for The Prince, so we were discussing the topic of universal morality; is there really such a thing as good and evil? This quote is a bit over-used but we should still think upon it. "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."-William Shakespeare, Hamlet. The idea of this quote is that actions are not good or evil, but defined by their intentions. For example, we consider lying bad, and rightly so. However, what if there was an instance where lying saved somone's life? Or any instance where it is more moral to lie than to tell the truth? You did the right thing, because your intentions were right. Now giving charity is generally considered good, correct? However, what if you did it to make yourself look like a charitable person? Well, thats just being hypocritical. Again, it's the intention behind the act, not the act itself.

So, what do you think? Is there such thing as universal good and evil? Is the world an illusion? Leave a comment below on your thoughts about this post.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

What's the verdict?

Hey guys, in case you haven't figured, it's Kobe(s) here. I'm going to clear one thing up before we begin. A lot of people have been asking about our pages, and whether we have facebook. And we do. What you have to do is go to Facebook and search Kobe(s) and Khan. Find the group, and join it. But it doesn't stop there. Tell your friends. Tell everyone. If you won a million dollars, would you hide it to yourself? No! You'd tell friends and family. So tell them all! Anyhow, today's topic is a doozy, and it's an opinionated one. Here it is: With the advent of the YCJA, should we publish the names of young offenders in media?

Personally, in my opinion, I think no. I wouldn't want someone judging me based on the fact that i've committed a crime. But there are limits. For example, what if someone commits murder? What if the offender sexually assaulted someone? Here in Alberta, I think a year or two back, a 13 year old Medicine Hat girl and her boyfriend murdered her family members. Here's the deal; we don't know her identity. Now, logic states that because I don't know this girl, I've got one of two options;

a) I can be afraid of all the girls I meet (which is stupid. Look at me, I'm a guy)
b) I can treat all the girls I meet fairly and equally, which is probably better than running away from them.

With option b), I don't generalize against anyone, and no one feels hurt or stereotyped.

If you haven't figured out already, I'm black. My culture's notorious for the whole street gang offender thing. As far as I know, that's not me. I would not want to be treated in the same way as a criminal is. If you saw a young black offender on t.v. (but don't know their name) and are going to treat me like dirt because of that, I'm going to be pretty darn angry. Equality for all, yeah, yeah. I know, it sounds cheesy. But the YCJA was intended to protect young offenders, and who knows? Maybe if we treat everyone good, then we'll have less offenders. Kobe(s) out!

What does the Devil do?

Khan here

When I was a young boy, I liked blaming everything wrong in my life upon other people. It was nice to live in my bubble, not cause any trouble. For my failures in moral decisions, I liked to blame the Devil, I said the Devil liked to pick on weak spots and exploit them. I was wrong. When I was an older boy, my father told me I was wrong, the Devil did not pick on your weaknesses, but on your strengths. Every man, when he does something wrong, it is because of his strengths, my father explained. People are extremely protective of their weaknesses, but they pay no attention to their strengths, he continued to say. Hitler was a great speaker, his strength was exploited, Stalin had a talent for magic tricks, he was exploited, too. The adolescent who pushed me down the other day, he was fooled as well. I walked outside for a long time, thinking about what my father said. There is this small bridge I like to sit on, where there is me and my thoughts for company.

I was silent for some time. I was silent for a long time. Years past, but I still sat on that bridge. One day, I had some company. The Devil was there, and I asked him what he did. He was suprised and told me he didn't do anything. He took some honey out of his coat pocket, and smeared it on a nearby tree. A fly came to the tree, but was stuck upon it. A lizard came and ate the fly. The lizard's tongue was stuck to the tree. The lizard struggled and managed to escape, but it was frightened and scurried around. The lizard came at Man's foot, and I stomped on it. The Devil ate the carcass, and said: "Now tell me sir, what did I do?"

"O thou, who didst with pifall and with gin
Beset the road I was to wander in,
Thou wilt not predestin'd evil round
Enmesh, and then impute my fall to sin."

Quick Update

Khan here,

It is my sorrow to inform you that Kobes is suferring from...I can't say it...writer's block. I have no need for inspiration, for I am inspiration (I'm so modest hur hur), anyway I'm done my post so we're gonna wait for Kobes. so I'm going to share with you a story I rather hurriedly wrote. Don't worry a better version will be coming soon. This one is inspired from Animal Farm, in the sense that practically everything is allergorical. Also big thanks to Shinkoro of KHI who made us this lovely banner.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

newpeak 2

So last time I talked about the fictionary language called Newspeak, and how by limiting the vocabulary of the people, they could limit their thoughts. Also limiting the vocabulary limits the ways in one can express himself, thus destroying one's individualism. So how come we use phrases like "lol" or "omg"? Simply, because it's easy and we're just lazy. I understand it could save time when messaging a friend or what not, but people have started to speak l33t as well. How many of us still say,"That was funny", instead of just saying "lol"? Sometimes I even think in that way, and I doubt I'm the only one. See these words are doing the same thing, we're limiting ourselves and becoming more and more lazy. The formula, ladies and gents, is: