Sunday, February 7, 2010

2012 and Juliet

Hey guys, Kobe(s) here. We took the liberty to bring you something different from a good friend of Khan and I. We'd like to introduce Juliet.

If you read the previous posts, you are probably expecting something deep and brainy. This post is a little different though. Philosophy is not my thing, I find it too complicated. Logic, on the other hand, has always appealed to me with it’s short and clear answers. A logical explanation is usually blunt and to the point, and does not go into unnecessary details. It presents an an intelligible answer and saves you lots of time by excluding 30 letter words that would make you feel stupid. Having said this, I’m going to logically examine one little phenomenon that has been on everyone’s mind for at least 3 years now.

The world is NOT going to end in 2012. That’s right, I said it. If your only argument against this statement was the new “2012” movie, get one thing clear - the movie’s purpose was to entertain, not prophesy. If however, you had something else in mind, keep reading.
Some people believe that the end of the world is somehow related to the Mayan calendar (obviously a calendar used by the Maya civilization in America) The Mayans were really smart people, they specialized in astronomy, knew that a year was 365 days long and even suspected of the existence of a black hole. So why the Mayan calendar? Why not Orthodox or Chinese? Well, the Calendar has been known to accurately predict a number of events. To begin with, it predicted the fall of their kingdom and the coming of
Cortés who they thought was a god. It also predicted many astronomical events (like solar eclipse in 1999) down to a second. Interestingly enough, the Mayan Calendar ends on December 21, 2012. Some people see it as a supernatural sign, and others directly connect the end of the calendar to the end of the world. First of all, no one knows if the calendar really ended. Some part of it might have been destroyed or lost. Secondly, some scientists have been working out the connection between astrology and the calendar, and some calculations did not match. This means that the Mayans either made a mistake in their predictions, or the calendar does not actually end ( I am not an expert in this topic, but my common sense tells me that the end of the calendar can simply mean that Mayans were just too lazy to continue or were simply distracted by Cortés who showed up and destroyed their civilization.

If you are Christian, you know that the Bible says that no one, except God, knows when the end will come. If you are Muslim, you also know that certain events must happen first, and no one knows the exact time either. If you are atheist, think back to all the times when people have predicted the end of the world. Research on the fuss they made about the coming of 2000 if you need a good example. If you simply saw the “2012 thing” as something exciting to look forward to, don’t worry. The world will end sooner or later. Only I think that people cannot predict the exact time or, as a matter of fact, even the cause. I mean, they haven’t even figured out a working cure for Alzheimer’s or cancer yet. So don’t take everything they say on the news seriously.

If however, you are not satisfied with this shallow explanation, and are complaining about the lack of information, think back to what I said about logic. “It’s blunt and to the point, and it does not go into unnecessary details”.


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