Monday, May 3, 2010

You gotta love censorship...on the INTERNET!

Kobe(s) here...So what's the deal with censorship? It seems like now, it's just natural for people to censor things. Anyone from a kid who know's how to use a computer, to huge countries like China that censor, well, lots of stuff; heck, I'm pretty sure that in that country, things are censored that probably don't need censoring.

But what about schools? I know that in some schools, the things that are censored are censored for good reason. Then in other schools, things are censored that tend to annoy the students. For example, I remember going to school once and finding out that Uncyclopedia (which, to an eight grade student, is the funniest thing since Kanye on Taylor) was blocked, I was ticked! Of course, that's nothing to the reactions schools get when they block the funnest time waster on the Internet... _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Yep, it's facebook. Of course, even funnier than the fact that facebook is blocked is the fact that people are actually trying to unblock it at school.

So I googled "schools block facebook" and the first post I got was pretty interesting. It was a kid on Yahoo Answers trying to figure out how to unblock facebook. I didn't find the question funny as so much the answer "I can't help you as far as the facebook block at school. You're at school to learn anyway. Not to do your myspacing, facebooking, etc., And who knows. You might actually learn how to defeat their blocks at school."

So maybe that's the key to surviving then. I wish this was the stuff school taught us; instead of learning acids and bases and molecular bonds...I wish we could learn how to hack past censored sites...who knows? Maybe someday I'll work for the NSA, hacking into sites and stuff :D

Kobe(s) out.

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