Sunday, January 17, 2010

What does the Devil do?

Khan here

When I was a young boy, I liked blaming everything wrong in my life upon other people. It was nice to live in my bubble, not cause any trouble. For my failures in moral decisions, I liked to blame the Devil, I said the Devil liked to pick on weak spots and exploit them. I was wrong. When I was an older boy, my father told me I was wrong, the Devil did not pick on your weaknesses, but on your strengths. Every man, when he does something wrong, it is because of his strengths, my father explained. People are extremely protective of their weaknesses, but they pay no attention to their strengths, he continued to say. Hitler was a great speaker, his strength was exploited, Stalin had a talent for magic tricks, he was exploited, too. The adolescent who pushed me down the other day, he was fooled as well. I walked outside for a long time, thinking about what my father said. There is this small bridge I like to sit on, where there is me and my thoughts for company.

I was silent for some time. I was silent for a long time. Years past, but I still sat on that bridge. One day, I had some company. The Devil was there, and I asked him what he did. He was suprised and told me he didn't do anything. He took some honey out of his coat pocket, and smeared it on a nearby tree. A fly came to the tree, but was stuck upon it. A lizard came and ate the fly. The lizard's tongue was stuck to the tree. The lizard struggled and managed to escape, but it was frightened and scurried around. The lizard came at Man's foot, and I stomped on it. The Devil ate the carcass, and said: "Now tell me sir, what did I do?"

"O thou, who didst with pifall and with gin
Beset the road I was to wander in,
Thou wilt not predestin'd evil round
Enmesh, and then impute my fall to sin."

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