Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy New Year

KOBE(S) HEREHappy New Year, it's been a long time since Khan and I last talked to the online community. Stuff is good where we're at. Sorry for not keeping y'all posted during NSN (No Shave November), but it's safe to say that I looked like a heavily bearded boy by the end of the month. Well, as heavily bearded as a fifteen year old can be.

Anyway, our blog has been up for approximately a year now, and I'm not sure where we are in terms of followers. At last count, we've got 0 followers, but I'm not sure how many people read the blog in a month. Someone wanna show me how to do it?

So what's the agenda for this year? I guess that now that I'm done semester one of grade 10, all the hard courses are done. Thank goodness for the counselor that set up all my hardcore courses in the beginning of the year. No promises, but I think that I'll be able to put up a new post every...hmm, let's say approximately twice a week? Is that too much? Naah, I think I could do it. In between school, church, band practice, work, and blogging, it's gonna be a good year.

I've run out of stuff to talk about, but before I leave, I must wax eloquent about a book I just read. "Little Brother" by Cory Doctorow is absolutely the best book I've read all year. And the year's just started. Yeah, that's how good it is. But don't take my word for it, read it and enjoy it.

I will catch you all some other time, but keep it real and keep it down low.


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