Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Less talking = Less thinking

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our blog.First post and all that, me and my buddy Kobes started this blog as a sort of vent to our more...philosophical thoughts. We appreciate feedback, and it can be as nice, harsh, or whatever. We're not babies, we can handle it. Oh, and if you guys have any topics you really want our opinion on, just email us; Anyhow, what we want is a blog that makes you think. You ready? Let's do this.

Khan here,

Before I start, I recommend you read George Orwell's 1984; this might make more sense if you do and, not to mention it's a fantastic book. So, basically, it's a dystopian society where the future is bleak, the government is evil, etc. We don't need the details right now. In the book there are two types of languages, Newspeak and Oldspeak. Oldspeak is basically the everyday English language we use today, the language I'm writing in. So in the book Newspeak is made up by the evil goverment because they want to limit the amount of thinking. How do you do that? By limiting the amount of words in a language, once you do that people can't express themselves as well and thus, individualism is destroyed. For example, in Newspeak, the word bad does not exist. Instead, we have the word ungood. Now look at the words LOL or OMG...see what they do? I won't expand on that yet, but it's quite obvious where my line of reasoning is going....

Kobe(s) her
I'm not sure how religious the readers are, but today, first blog of the New Year, I'd like to talk about religion. Fun topic, eh? I mean, what other thing gets people ranting and raving, wars fought, and parents yelling and disowning kids? I remember that when I was a kid, religion was nothing. Sure, occasionally someone would ask me, "Why can't you eat pork? Why can't you come to my birthday on Saturday?" and I'd say "I'm an Adventist." Of course, to the six year old mind, you don't care, you just think that the person's parents are being mean. But as I got older, I began to realize something. My religion (or my parents religion, as I haven't fully made it my own yet) was starting to dampen my "fun". And then something crazy happened! I found out I wasn't the only one! All around me, kid's (well, teens) weren't allowed to do certain things because of their religions too! I had found people like me! But back now, to present day. In the Bible, the apostle Paul says "When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me." (1 Corinthians 13:11) On the topic of religion, we tend to cringe, avoid it, and viciously attack other religions while making ours look better, but is that the real way to show you're religious? Now, because we're just starting, I won't attack any religions. But it's clear that all the leaders of the world's major religions had one thing in common; to change the way society viewed events for the better. Jesus came into the world at a bad time; Muhammed did, Buddha did as well. These men influenced their world for the better. I don't know about you, but that's the kind of religion I want.

Kobe(s) and Khan
Okay, so we decided that at the end of all our serious posts, we'll put some funny posts. Here's your daily funny, brought to you by Kobe(s) and Khan, and some of them are from other sites, so the credit goes to them.

HappyNewYear. Cheers.

Kobe(s) and Khan.


  1. I stumbled over this blog,and enjoyed reading it, but I somewhat disagree with the part about religion. People can show that they're religious, follow certain rules and lead a religious way of life, but that wont mean a thing. Reading the Bible doesnt making you a Christian, just like sleeping in the garage doesnt make you a car. Theres a purpose behind every religion, but in order for a religion to change the society for the better, there must be something more than just plain regulations.I know ur just starting, but you should expand on the whole idea of faith and the REAL reason for Jesus or any other leader coming to this world and doing what they did. This blog is some good stuff, ill continue reading if u keep this up.

  2. Kobe(s) here

    Thanks Jack, the analogy of the car in a garage is excellent. Mind if we use it? But in reality, I thought that it'd be good to start out small, and not point any fingers yet, because that's something I'm good at. Happy Reading!

  3. Khan here,
    I'm not Christian but yes I agree that practice and belief does not simply make someone a Christian. Also, this was a bit rushed on my part, but we have better material that is more,for lack of a better term, "philosophical".
    We will progress to that over the next while. We reall appreciate the feedback, thanks.

  4. Having writer's block? Its tough, but I'm really looking forward to more deep stuff!